Who we are

In 2017, Plastic surgeon Dr. Kanellos Gesakis MD, MSc, FEBOPRAS, along with his wife, Dermatologist Dr. Eftychia Platsidaki MD, Ph.D., established the ‘Medical Art Clinic’, a center of excellence in the heart of Glyfada, in Athens

Medical Art Clinic is fully equipped with the most advanced innovative medical devices operated by highly trained and qualified medical professionals.

Our mission is to address and rectify any concerns you may have, whether purely Aesthetic or Medical

Regarding the people who believe in us, we always respect their decisions, dignity and confidentiality

Our primary concern is your health and main goal of course is giving you an aesthetically pleasing, functionally sound, and harmonious outcome from each procedure and treatment

As part of our commitment to the long-term success of our practice, we participate in ongoing education and expand our knowledge to continue meeting your needs and we implement cutting-edge techniques in Dermatology and Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery